The Ghost of Baker Street

Sherlock Holmes: The Ghost of Baker Street

by Val Andrews

A Sherlock Holmes Murder Mystery


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Can you imagine what it would be like to be an American émigré, fleeing the unwelcome attentions of Senator Joseph McCarthy, and taking rooms in Baker Street, only to find them haunted by the ghost of Sherlock Holmes? The result is a completely fresh view of Holmes, a fascinating picture of the British film and television industry in the early 1950s, a portrait of Orson Welles (with whom the author worked and knew well), and a clever murder mystery. All of the characters are based on real people – even Greg Hargreaves, our hero, could well be the late Cy Endfield, the director of Zulu. Val Andrews has been writing Sherlock Holmes murder mystery books for many years, and has more than thirty titles to his credit. Val is at his best when writing about the world of entertainment, in which he worked as a writer and performer for fifty years. From a theatrical background, he has been in his time a professional vaudeville artiste and script writer to Tommy Cooper, Benny Hill and other comedy stars of stage and television. ‘Amazing, amusing, intriguing!’ Kind friends have deemed Sherlock Holmes: The Ghost of Baker Street to be Val’s finest work.

by Val Andrews

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