The Elementary Cases of Sherlock Holmes

by Ian Charnock

A Sherlock Holmes Murder Mystery


Product Description

Doctor Watson always speculated about Sherlock Holmes’s early life and, in particular, the significance of his experiments at St Bart’s Hospital.

Here for the first time all is revealed by Ian Charnock as he introduces the reader to a young Sherlock Holmes trying to make his way as the world’s first consulting detective, with methods unproven, but with a burning sense of mission.

Discover how a Yucatan marsh toad is involved in a series of murders, and witness how Holmes saved Stamford’s father from the gallows. Together with Holmes, the reader will solve the puzzle of the solitary writer at the British Museum reading room; he will discern how an empty ship nearly brought about the end of the British Empire, and will discover the identity of Holmes’s greatest foe.

The author, Ian Charnock is an art historian, an authority on the work of El Greco and an international classic car rally driver.

‘A treat for any Holmes fan.’ (Tom Kasey, best-selling author of Cold Kill)

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Ian Charnock






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Breese Books




1999, revised edition 2020