Delivery Information

It usually takes around 24 hours to get your Baker Street Studio item(s) ready to send. Once they are ready, we will dispatch them from our warehouse. The delivery times given are from date of dispatch, not from when you place your order. For more information, please see our terms and conditions.

Can I change my delivery address after I’ve ordered?
Unfortunately once the order is placed and acknowledged you will be unable to change the delivery address. If you require assistance, please contact

Shipping Cost
Total shipping cost will be automatically calculated during checkout based on total order weight and destination. Please see the rates below.


Weight (g) Cost
To 500 £1.50
2000 £2.95
2000+ £4.95

Europe – Airmail

Weight (g) Cost
To 250 £3.00
750 £6.00
1500 £9.00
3000 £10.00
4000 £11.00
4000+ £13.00

Rest Of World – Airmail

Weight (g) Cost
To 250 £6.00
750 £10.00
1000 £12.00
1500 £15.00
2000 £17.00
2000+ £20.00

Delivery Times
These vary greatly from country to country. From experience most problems occur with the Netherlands where it commonly takes two weeks for a small packet to be delivered. For shipping to the United States and Canada the expected delivery time is stated as 5-7 working days but often small packets are found to be held up in customs for extended periods (despite the correct customs declaration being used). We have also found that deliveries to the United States despite being sent via airmail sometimes, due to an error at the post office, actually go via surface mail. Finally there seems to be a large difference in delivery times to the United States depending on where the items are to be delivered e.g. the Royal Mail tends to send all deliveries to an Eastern airport hub such as New York or Boston very quickly from where they are sent on via road or train even if air would be the natural choice for a destination in Los Angeles.

Please note that our responsibility for your order ends once we have delivered it to the mailing agent (Royal Mail/courier service) although your item is insured so that in the event of a loss/damage you will get a full refund or replacement item but this is subject to the policies of the Royal Mail/courier used. We will always help and make the claim on your behalf but depending on the mailing agent the time involved varies from a few days to weeks e.g. Royal Mail will only recognise an item as having been lost after 25 working days from the day of posting.