A Sherlock Holmes Alphabet of Cases

by Roger Riccard

VOLUME 1 (A to E)


Product Description

Roger Riccard, one of the most respected Sherlock Holmes authors, has again taken pen in hand to bring forth the first five adventures in a new series of short stories for your entertainment.

The Adventure of the Apothecary’s Prescription – Dr. Watson receives a shipment of medicine with a cryptic note, that only Sherlock Holmes can unlock.

Buffalo Bill and the Red Shirt Menace – The American showman has arrived in London to perform for Queen Victoria, but strange mishaps plague his troupe, especially his Indian performers.

The Curious Case of Charlotte Musgrave – The daughter of Reginald Musgrave has a strange companion and death seems to follow her. Are they accidents, or is there a killer loose?

The Designing Woman – A new century calls for new fashions and new attitudes. However, some think the world isn’t ready for what one designer has in mind.

The Case of The Poached Eggplant – Holmes has been hired to prevent the theft of the famous Eggplant Necklace, yet it still disappears in a room full of London society.

Sit back and enjoy reading this first volume of A Sherlock Holmes Alphabet of Cases, and watch out for Volume 2 (F to J) which contains The Fool and His Money, The Gunsmith of Sherwood, The Mysterious Horseman, The Italian Gourmet and The Judgement of Dr. Watson.

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