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Bringing the Dead Wench to Life


Product Description

Bringing the Dead Wench to Life is the last word on the filming of The Wench id Dead by Tim Coghlan and David Blagrove. It is produced on high quality gloss paper in full colour, packed with pictures (many of them rare never seen before shots of behind the cameras) and runs to 32 A4 pages. Contained within these pages is a personal look by Tim Coghlan, the owner of Braunston Marina where much of the outside filming for The Wench is Dead took place, of just how his place came to be used from the initial visit of the location scout, to discussions as to how the shoot would be made as authentic as possible, to the actual two days of filming and beyond to the other locations used. The last section even looks at some real life crime mysteries on the canal as well as saying goodbye to John Thaw. Tim Coghlan always writes in an interesting and light-hearted manner so reading this is a complete joy as well as informative.

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