Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Poisoned Lilly [eBook (paperback version also available)]

by Roger Riccard



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Lillian Fields is young, talented and beautiful.

Known on stage as ‘Loraine Fontaine’; the public love her, and the critics predict a glittering future as one of Victorian England’s most celebrated actresses.

But someone wants her dead.

Scared for her safety, she confides her fears to her friend Mary, who happens to be married to Dr. John H. Watson …

When both Lillian and Mary become hospitalised, Dr. Watson and Sherlock Holmes must push themselves to the limit to catch the poisoner before it is too late. They find themselves applying their powers of observation and analysis to the only clues they have: a poisoned pitcher of milk and a bunch of meticulously arranged flowers.

In pursuit of the truth, the trail leads them to Lyceum Theatre, St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, Scotland Yard and even rural Hertfordshire.

Who would want to kill Lillian? Could it be her understudy, Lily Harley, who is desperate for a leading role? Her old director, Harrison Colby, bitter because Lillian left his scandalous play? Or the elusive Mr. Henshaw, who keeps appearing in the case?

With a list of suspects to choose from, and plenty of possible motives, can Sherlock Holmes solve The Case of the Poisoned Lilly?

“Roger Riccard is an extremely good pastiche writer. Personally, I think the best since the late Val Andrews passed over Reichenbach.” – Joel Senter, publisher of the Sherlockian E-Times

Roger Riccard is also the author of ‘Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Twain Papers’.

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Roger Riccard




Endeavour Press




2012 (book) 2015 (ebook)