Sherlock Holmes and the Chinese Junk Affair and Other Stories [eBook]

by Roy Templeman



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In Sherlock Holmes and The Chinese Junk Affair, Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson are called upon once again to save Queen and Country.

Upon receiving a card from Sherlock’s brother Mycroft, the duo are debriefed by the Prime Minister on an astounding fact: a man named Rodger Hardy claims to be able to transport matter from one place to another through electricity, in what he calls transposition. As the threat of Hardy selling his discovery to other countries weighs on the Prime Minister, he enlists Holmes to find out whether such a feat is possible, and whether or not Britain has anything to worry about. Can Sherlock solve what seems to be an unsolvable mystery in time, and help Britain?

In Sherlock Holmes and the Tick Tock Man, Holmes and Watson are holidaying in Derbyshire when rumours of an unexplained death reach them.  The town’s German clock-maker was found dead in his cottage, door wide open, and his pet raven has taken to flying around town, screeching foreign words and putting everyone on edge. The local vicar and physician confide in the duo that, despite the clock-maker’s will indicating he had left a hefty amount of money to the vicarage, no such sum had been found in the cottage, making them believe the death to be premeditated. Unable to resist the mystery, Dr Watson and Sherlock Holmes soon find themselves tangled in a web of secrets. Can Holmes find out what happened, or will the mystery go unanswered?

In Sherlock Holmes and the Trophy Room, Holmes and Watson are hired by Viscount Siddems to solve a seemingly impossible conundrum. His most prized trophies, kept in a trophy room and surrounded by man traps and geese, so no one can get in unwanted at night, are disappearing from the room, one by one. Seeking help in finding the mystery thief, Lord Siddems enlists the help of the duo to catch the perpetrator and unmask his methods of getting past his security measures. Can Sherlock unmask the thief before he steals again?

Sherlock Holmes and the Chinese Junk Affair and Other Stories is a brilliant collection that will be a treat for any fan of the great detective.

Roy Templeman, the author, was a primary schoolmaster and has introduced countless children to the immortal characters of Sherlock Holmes and Watson.

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Roy Templeman




Endeavour Press




1998 (book) ebook (2015)