Sherlock Holmes and the Hammerford Will [eBook]

by John Hall



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Sherlock Holmes has retired from solving mysteries.

He is set against returning to his old life again. But that all changes when Sir James Damery comes to Sherlock with an unusual plea for help.

He starts to tell Holmes the story of the late Lord Hammerford. Blessed with a fortunate life and good health, tragedy still beckoned. Death fell upon the family one by one, leaving only the child of Lord Hammerford’s son as his sole heir. Upon his own passing, an eccentric will is found. Inside lies a fortune of half a million pounds, and the beginning of a treasure hunt to retrieve it.

Lord Hammerford, unsure if his grandson is his own flesh and blood, believes that if he is a true descendant of the Hammerford bloodline, the treasure will be found with ease. And there is an opponent racing to the finish line: Sir George Lewis, the widowed husband of Lord Hammerford’s niece. But the heir couldn’t possibly solve the riddles on his own, for he is only four years old …

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson must race against Sir George Lewis to decipher the clues and restore young Hammerford’s rightful inheritance.

‘Sherlock Holmes and the Hammerford Will’ is a brilliant addition to the Holmes and Watson casebooks.

‘A treat for any Holmes fan’. – Robert Foster, best-selling author of ‘The Lunar Code’.

John Hall spent many years in the civil service before becoming a professional writer specialising in crime fiction. His book ‘Death of a Collector’ won the Sherlock magazine’s competition for the best new fictional detective. He is also the author of ‘Sherlock Holmes at the Raffles Hotel’.

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