Sherlock Holmes and the Mayfair Murders [eBook (paperback version also available)]

by David Britland

A Sherlock Holmes Murder Mystery




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Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson are back – this time to try and catch the Ripper. Only a few short years ago the monster known as Jack the Ripper held the East End of London in a grip of terror. Now there are rumours that the Ripper has returned.

Three respectable young women have been slaughtered in Mayfair, the city’s most respectable and exclusive district. But instead of consulting Sherlock Holmes, the official police prefer to seek advice from Dr. Karl Schermann. And while the flamboyant German enjoys official approval and public acclaim, Holmes sits at home, brooding.

But when another woman is murdered, Holmes decides to take matters into his own hands. Before Holmes can bring the Mayfair murderer to justice, however, he must uncover the truth about Dr. Karl Schermann…

Can Holmes and his faithful sidekick Dr Watson unmask the killer?

Or will the Ripper once again slip away into obscurity…?

‘A must read for any Holmes fan.’ – Tome Kasey, best-selling author of ‘Trade Off’.

David Britland is a freelance writer specialising in magic, psychology, the paranormal, con tricks and illusion. He has worked on shows such as Channel 4’s Equinox series, The Real Hustle for BBC3 and is a consultant on the hugely popular Derren Brown programmes. In 2005 he was awarded a Literary Fellowship by the Academy of Magical Arts.

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