Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Mission [eBook (paperback version also available)]

by Eddie Maguire



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It’s the winter of 1912 and Sherlock Holmes’ brother, Mycroft, has been sent to Rome for an important mission by the government. There have been rumours circulating that someone may be poisoning the crown heads of Europe, and with Tsar of Russia mysteriously falling ill, the government decides to send their best mind to investigate.

Meanwhile, Dr Watson is considering retirement, but on visiting Sherlock in his home in Sussex, things take a turn for the worst. Holmes is visited by Sir Arthur Richardson, first Secretary to the Cabinet Office and General James Wilton, Military Adviser to the Prime Minister, in the middle of the night. The two visitors come bearing grave news: Mycroft has fallen ill and has been taken to a sanatorium close to Rome.

Soon after Sherlock receives further news about his brother – that Mycroft has died of a burst appendix in Rome. And the two decide to go back to Baker Street when Doctor Watson gets a call from a woman who has had her husband kidnapped and wants his help. The situation becomes increasing strange when the government asks Sherlock to take his brothers place and carry on the investigation in Italy.

However an opportunity arises for the apprehensive Sherlock to avoid going to Italy, when a stranger comes at night requesting Sherlock’s help after being stabbed during a kidnapping. And with an excuse to avoid the trip to Italy, Sherlock and Watson can begin to investigate the case of Mycroft, suspicious all the more because Mycroft had his appendix removed several years ago …

As the events unfold it is clear that Europe is in danger, and it is also evident that the separate events are connected and are being orchestrated by the mysterious mastermind, VIU. Who is VIU? What are his intentions? How can he be stopped?

A gripping murder mystery, that stays true to Conan Doyle’s style. This action-packed adventure, sees Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson once again trying to put together the pieces of a mysterious case, but will Sherlock be able to handle the investigations whilst having to deal with his loss?

Eddie Maguire was born in Croydon in 1950 and after a variety of jobs, fell prey to the scourge of disability (in body if not in mind and spirit) but discovered writing as a new way of expressing himself. He is also the author of Sherlock Holmes and The Secret Mission.

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Eddie Maguire




Endeavour Press




2005 (book) 2015 (ebook)