Sherlock Holmes and the Telephone Mystery [eBook]

by John Hall



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Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson are back – and the great detective and his friend are arguing about the necessity of installing a telephone in the house. Sherlock is anxious over the new technology whereas Dr Watson is convinced it will be the future.

Watson is invited to visit an old country home, Belmont, along with a variety of other male guests. Connected by their interest in art and literature, Watson soon learns there is more about these men that meets the eye. The tension heightens when one of the guests, Benjamin Morgan, is found dead, stabbed to death by an ornate silver letter opener. The prime suspect is one of the other guests, Mr Gregson, who was the unlucky person who found the dead body whilst he was trying to make a telephone call.

Outraged that he is being accused, he is quick to defend himself. But with no other suspects the local police are struggling to catch a break. All leads quickly turn into dead ends until Watson persuades Holmes to travel to Belmont to investigate. Together Holmes and Watson interview the visitors and access the crime scene for clues. However, their initial findings suggest that Mr Gregson is still the guilty man, especially when it is discovered that it was his silver letter opener and he had blood stained trousers.

As events unfold, Holmes surmises that perhaps Gregson was the intended victim and Morgan just an innocent bystander who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. But when Gregson is found in a heap at the bottom of the stairs, Holmes and Watson are in a race against time to locate the murderer.

Was Gregson faking his attack to convince them of his innocence? Was the original murder from a deluded madman or a crime of passion committed by the guests? Who will fall victim to the telephone murders next?

Sherlock Holmes and the Telephone Murder Mystery is a thrilling detective novel from bestselling author John Hall.

Praise for John Hall:

‘A treat for any Holmes fan.’ – Tom Kasey, best-selling author of ‘Trade Off’.

John Hall spent many years in the civil service before becoming a professional writer specialising in crime fiction. His book Death of a Collector won the Sherlock magazine’s competition for the best new fictional detective. He is also the author of Sherlock Holmes at the Raffles Hotel and Sherlock Holmes and the Hammerford Will.

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John Hall




Endeavour Press




1998 (book) 2015 (ebook)