Sherlock Holmes: The Ghost of Baker Street [eBook (paperback version also available)]

by Val Andrews



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Greg Hargreaves is an Australian-American writer, struggling to make ends meet in Los Angeles by selling scripts to movie producers. But his career takes a nose-dive when he receives an invitation to give evidence before a division of the Un-American Activities Committee, in the midst of the ‘red scare’ of the Fifties, simply on account of an anti-Hitler article he wrote for a magazine whilst at college …

On the advice of a friend, he moves to London, to allow the whole thing to blow over. He arrives alone, with nothing but a small suitcase, a wad of cash, and his typewriter … Hargreaves eventually settles on a set of rooms in Hudson House, on Baker Street, which are being let remarkably cheaply, by a decidedly shifty landlord. On first inspection, Greg Hargreaves marvels at his good fortune at acquiring a room at such a good price. It is only when he is taking his morning coffee the following day that the reason behind the low cost rooms becomes transparent – they are haunted by the ghost of Sherlock Holmes!

Surprisingly, Hargreaves is delighted at the discovery. Holmes tells Hargreaves all about his previous adventures with Doctor Watson and proves quite inspirational for a detective movie Hargreaves is working on …

Soon, however, events in the British film industry take a darker turn, and Sherlock finds himself tasked with clearing his new friend and flatmate of a violent murder; a task made all the more tricky by the fact that he is no longer alive …

Sherlock Holmes: The Ghost of Baker Street is a light-hearted treat for Sherlock enthusiasts which will keep you guessing until the very last page.

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Val Andrews




Endeavour Press




2006 (book) ebook (2015)