The Adventure of the Bloody Tower [eBook (paperback version also available)]

Dr. Watson’s First Case

By Donald MacLachlan


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In Oxford Dr John Watson finds himself caught up in a debate between various professors over the character of King Richard III.

Was he a monster? The murderer of his brother’s young boys?

Usurper? Or a legitimate heir to the crown?

Tyrant? Or a good king?

With Sherlock Holmes busy on another case, Watson finds himself forced to accept a tricky challenge: to prove once and for all whether Richard III was guilty of the crimes he has been accused of, or whether it was all malicious slander created by Tudor propagandists. .

Watson has to dig back through ancient records to get the heart of the matter.

And what he finds shocks him to the core …

With each new revelation things become more and more confused in Watson’s mind. Could Richard really be an innocent victim? Was someone else to blame for the deaths of the Princes in the Tower?

This topical story sheds new light on the mystery of Richard III. It is perfect for fans of Sherlock Holmes.

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Donald MacLachlan




Endeavour Media




2012 (book) 2015 (ebook)