Watson’s Last Case [eBook (paperback version also available)]

by Ian Charnock



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Watson’s Last Case is an engaging pastiche of the tales of Dr. Watson, loyal partner to the famous Sherlock Holmes. An unconventional take on the legend, the stories here are narrated by the ‘young’ Stamford, in the process of compiling some of Watson’s stories for posthumous publication.

Delving into Watson’s past, he describes his escapades before, during and after the Great War. Under the instruction of the formidable Mycroft Holmes, Watson is dispatched overseas – with the fate of the empire and the outcome of the war resting on his shoulders. In a tumultuous epoch, Watson is at the forefront of a global emergency – told that the British government must be as ‘ruthless as its rivals’, or else ‘sink’ into oblivion.

His journey takes him through the ancient civilisation of Egypt, hot on the heels of the enigmatic Lawrence of Arabia who is mobilising the Arab revolt, to a Russia with the Tsarist regime on the brink of collapse and catastrophe.

From the action-packed thrills of Watson’s youth to the beginnings of Holmes’ scholarly life, the ‘Scholar’s Appendix’ changes direction with a speculative insight into Holmes’ past. From a young man destined to join the church to a theologian at Oxford University, this insight into his early years shines a light upon the origins of his incredible powers of observation and the science of deduction, for which he would become so legendary.

A fascinating amalgamation of stories, Watson’s Last Case provides an absorbing insight into unchartered territory of the Sherlock Holmes universe.

‘A treat for any Holmes fan.’ – Tom Kasey, best-selling author of Cold Kill.

Ian Charnock is an art historian, an authority on the work of El Greece and an international classic car rally driver.

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