Endeavour on Location

by J. P. Sperati and Antony J. Richards

An Unofficial Review and Guide to the Locations Used

Harry Potter On Location

by J. P. Sperati

11th Edition: An unofficial review and guide to the locations used in the entire film series, including the Fantastic Beasts series. (with free download ‘Harry Potter walking tour of London’)

Holmes, Chemistry & The Royal Institution

Edited by Antony J. Richards and based upon a discourse given by Bryson Gore to the Sherlock Holmes Society of London at the Royal Institution of Great Britain in 1994

Hot on the Scent

A Visitor’s Guide to the London of Sherlock Holmes  in Mint Condition. Very Rare.

House of Cards

By Michael Dobbs in Mint Condition

House of Ghosts

Theatre programme individually signed by Colin Dexter