Sherlock Holmes of Baker Street

The Life of the World’s First Consulting Detective by William S. Baring-Gould in Mint Condition


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This volume, the product of twenty years of exhaustive research, pieces together information gleaned from every possible source to present the private life of the world’smost famous crime solver. Sherlock Holmes of Baker Street reveals far more than Watson ever could, including thewhole story of the detective’s running battle with the infamous Professor Moriarty, his dangerous brush with Jack the Ripper, his long association and love for Irene Adler, the question of his own son, the story of his retirement, the writing of his great book and the circumstances of his death.

This classic biography of the world’s favourite sleuth reads like a novel, chronicling Holme’s life from his childhood days to events following his death. It is filled with great quotations and helpful notes that give insight into the lives of Holmes and Watson as well as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Also included are two appendices; one offers a timetable of events in Holmes’ life and the other presents a selective compilation of the best books about Holmes.

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